[Verse 1]
That dirty money stink
Scrub it in the sink
Brothers wasn’t the same
Now I got blood on my sneaks
Some was smudged on my cheeks
Slugs run in your mouthpiece, a dozen at least
Beloved I’m covered in grease
But now I do my morning runs on a beach in Greece
I’m beyond a GOAT
I’m such a threat
These niggas can’t touch me, not a thread
Glock 40 in the strawberry red drophead
Look like a red Moncler
In my Air 1 clear solitaire
I’m rhymin’ at a God tier
Brown foxes, I’m a chocolatier
I got the 1000 mile stare, you got a coward’s glare
Gunpowdеr cloud the air
How dare you come out your mouth sounding wеird
Poppin’ all that fly shit out your big
They beggin’ for recognition like some bitches ’til they bedridden
Lead whizzin’ through a relative’s kitchen

Hit mama wig all we saw was watermelon and chicken
Shit was all on the dishes
[Verse 2]
Servin’ butter for bread and butter
That Mais’ Margiela steppers in every color
May lay your head with some heavy lumber
Up in London
Creep with the gun like I’m doin’ lunges
School these dunces
Loot in my Gucci jumpers
Keep a few sticks with toolie dumpers
Could never be too reluctant
To shoot the musket
My knuckles is jewel-encrusted
You on f*ck shit
Made a few adjustments
Niggas bit the swag but couldn’t do it justice
It’s quite flattering and I find it embarrassing
Y’all stinkin’ up the joint like a quiet flatulent
Pull up and bang out if you feelin’ froggy
The inside of the Ferrari got foggy
Word to mommy
I knew from his shirt the work was a body

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Songwriter(s): Roc Marciano, Nicholas Craven

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