Abomination, Sodomy, passion for the flesh
Desolation around your lost soul
Coronation of the vile actions…
All this has been created to give new life.

Before the Ceremony, the Cenobites evoke grief
The sinister light
Surrounds the place Of suffering
The sway of the Chains..
The sadistic beating of the Teeth
Prelude to the glorious torture!

Let us introduce hooks in your skin
Our Chains are covered with blood
Organs & Bones decorate this temple

We start with your sorrow’s level!

Architecture of Lust
… everything is designed to study your flesh..
Sensitivity Dies under our blades
Architecture of Lust
Rending Pain

Terrorized by our appareance
Cherished by our hooks
Pierced without any remorse
Slaughtered for the last ride
Harrowing screams expand on the walls
Shreds of meat decorate the floor
Architects lust for the glory of darkness…

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Record Label(s): 2012 Comatose Music
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