Rye’eh’X’Dyh gives clearance to land
Lower the range of operation
Of the control mechanisms

Transgalactic transmission
Initiation of contact or a warning?
“World in arms” is just a moment
A desperate attempt of self-defence
Welcome slaves!

Pitch time phantom system
Is still but a bliss
Too late to change your fate
Manking will never be the same again
… never

Hatred, ignorance and vanity

Is what feeds your destruction
We come at will not to punish or destroy
Weak become slaves or fall pray

When a man turns against his brother
Allowing hatred to distort the sight
Let us watch them turn into cripples
Before our eyes

When a man turns against his allies
And out of pride he cuts off his limbs
There is already more of a doomsday
Than it seems

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Songwriter(s): micha skotniczny, bill waranoff, crionics, dariusz stycze

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