I never show that I sometimes do not wanna see you
you’ll never know everything I tell you is not ture

every night in my life
you worry about me
wait there for me
I wonder when you’ll set me free

would you read it if I say I’ll write a letter to you
would you believe when I say I’m already twenty two

in my life in your eyes
so much is different
so little’s the same
but none of us is gonna change

do we really care
if it is worth the trouble worth the sorrow

they’re like a balloon in the air
floating to nowhere
you know there are ups and downs
in the course of our lives
it’s the rule of the game
please do not keep on asking why

you call me but I pretend to be too busy to talk
the chemistry between us is not enough at all

I don’t understand you don’t understand me
what a pity
with nothing elst more can we agree

it’s the rule of the game
please do not cry

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