Break it, break it, break it

Break it, move it, ordered to be the fool
Gotta play a fool even if it means you lose
Never break the rules
Plenty bitches wanna see my head chopped off
Play it cool, plenty bitches get they heads knocked off
Started from the bottom but I still made boss
Did this shit without ’em and I still made off
Credit line says I keep the bill paid off
Sippin’ champagne up in Fendi with two bitches from Italy
Keep a tab on all my enemies, I move like there’s ten o’ me
Lightheaded, I’m buzzin’, in light airs like air
Shoot a bitch in a movie like [?]
Nike Airs got ’em jumpin’ like Jordan in Flight Airs like Bear
Mo-Mo-Mo-Movin’ at the speed of light, light on my feet
Bitches act like gettin’ sneaked the typa bitch I be
My history not a mystery, got ’em missin’ me
A thousand look like a centipede, like infinity
Keep it cool, call the coroner ’cause you killin’ me

Carbon copied the kid, more like a mini-me
Run down on the’ bitches, diamonds on me glisten
I can tell the’ bitches pissed ’cause I’m winnin’, know they offended
Boss move, bitch, I be smilin’, see me grinnin’
Pull up in that light pink coupe, they see me in it
No tint, don’t leave a scent, hotter than cement
See, bitch, look what I did, check out my defense
Prevents, stuck in the trenches, I’ll never leave it
Remix, fresher than salad, I pop a p*ssy ho for reachin’
I know they hate the realest
Champagne sippin’ when I’m walkin’ out o’ Neiman’s
Might shut down the arena, bitch, I give ’em the remix
Doin’ donuts in the six, I’m feelin’ wavy
Cash money on me, I keep the bills like I’m Baby
Bangin’, I’m changin’ my f*ckin’ name, now I go crazy

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Songwriter(s): London Jae, Bhad Bhabie
Record Label(s): 2021 BHAD Music 22 Entertainment BHAD Music 22 Entertainment
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