So the big bang
In the center of the sky
Ignites a light
In the pit of your mind’s eye
And you decide
It’s finally time to try

See the big bang
In the center of the sky
A new design
For all I’ve left behind
I don’t have the time
To be trading
Riddles for rhymes, babe

It was under one condition
I laid down my ammunition
And offered my bare hands in reply

But they were disgraced by your derision
They’ve been erased by your omission
And now you want to just say “hi”
And now you want to ask me why

Figure it out now
My little whisper
Becomes a shout
I’ll be your one phone call
But I never said that I’d bail you out
If you could regret some
I might forget that I’ve been stung
Countdown to explosion

Big bang hit the center of my chest
Deep breaths of things I chose to forget
You’ve stolen the best of me
Now you’ve broken the rest of me

Big bang hit the center of my heart
I gave you art and watched you
Tear it all apart

And now you want a new start

I see you’ve adapted my position
Paralyzed by indecision
Bleeding your thoughts through a hole
In your side

Well, every brush with the opposition
Only deepens the incision
So, make up your mind
Cause the stakes are getting high

Figure it out now
Are you in or are you out?
As much as I love you
I won’t be a partner to your doubt
If you could be undone
Hell, I could say the war’s been won
Countdown to explosion

Figure it out now
Tell me what’s this all about
Cause I want to bend you
I want to turn you inside out

If you could just give some
I would forgive the damage done
In 3…2…1…

You knew you’d been outdone
It’s true you’ve been out sung
So why am I still numb?
When it’s you who should be stunned
Just tell me you won’t run
Tell me I could be the one
Countdown to what we become

Big Bang hit the center of the sky
Bombs fly on the 4th of July

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Record Label(s): 2012 Abby Ahmad
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