Meaning to “Bless The Lord” song lyrics (17 meanings)

Orlyn February 7, 2012-16:48
Why does it start off as Son of Man, when he was born of a virgin and he’s clearly the Son of God… The song is beautiful and I have to sing it this Sabbath but that first part is troubling me…
felix douglas October 3, 2012-10:15
It is a song that inspire and lift my spirit to praise God the more, thanks tye more grace and anointing!
O d king,07033101503 September 10, 2012-9:27
I was born to give GOD prais,so nomater wat i am doin ,and wat i am ggoin tru i have too gv him praise,it si by his grace we ar leaving
Blessing June 11, 2012-0:51
This song is really a blessing 2 me. It means dat anything d Lord do for u, u must bless His Holy name. Nice work Tye
Sabine Dussap April 8, 2012-10:50
Bless the Lord(son of man) is my new best song, That my soul never stop to bless the name of my redeemer and my king. Thank you Lord for what you have done and still do.
esther padiki March 24, 2012-6:45
this song tells of how jesus came to redeem and rescue as from darkness which is also tells how he is our strenghtin times oftrials and how he delivers us from troubles and our enemys.
All For Jesus February 8, 2012-17:32
Son Of Man, why? Remember when Mary was praying and a angle came and told her she would be carrying a baby would be called Jesus. Joseph is kind of like his step-father. His real father is God.
sara N January 4, 2012-1:09
I always shed a tear of joy whenever I sing or hears this song,i’m so so so much in luv with d song n may God give TYE more inspirations.
Mofiifoluwake December 7, 2011-15:26
I love this song, Is now a mandate i must listen to it b4 i step out each day. D song is a blessing to my life. God bless d singer
martins obizie September 2, 2011-20:44
you rarely see american singers do so inspiring kinda songs in receent times.thank God for this the song so!

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