You know why you calling me by this time. Cause like yo
Cause like what?
Nigga am tired
Tired! tired of what?
Of Working

Yeah, turn up. Ahh

Bored in the house, bored in the house bored
I be standing tall, the f*ck you calling for (calling)
Pick up the phone, the f*ck you looking for (what)
Shit my nigga, she like to her wear dross (never)
Nah my nigga, she like to cause wars (shit)
I hit it, round one, two, three and four (damn)
Now she be telling me that she want more (bitch)
I said damn girl, now do it on the floor (ah)
Thought you told me you never did this before (shit)

Girl now lay down let me explore
Okay Get it right, (Get it right)
Did so many wrong
I can’t get it right (Get it right)
Bust it wide open, now I can see the light (See the light)
Far away, deep down in the stormy night (Stormy night)
She liked it damn
Well now you can hold me tight (Hold me tight)
She a freak, am a beast
Spread the sheets, wanna meet
On the street
Wanna eat, girl you sweet

Ye, take it from her bro, like yo
So eyy
Alright, imma call you then

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