{Verse: Evidence}
When my name isn’t mentioned I’m still reppin’
A lethal weapon move in these streets with these aggressions
Speak it like a lesson fulfilled I’m dealing with the essence
Still in the field dealing assessments
Uh, I’m in the business of burning bridges
So I can’t look back or turn digits
Take advice? I’m not concerned with it
Paid the price, I got to earn livin’
What they told mе, I took to heart
If I agreed, I let it stick, if not, I took it apart
Read thе last page of the book, first to start
Don’t write the hook first without making my marks

If I talk my shit correctly, close friends I’ll offend directly
Don’t think, write it down where the pen directs me
Put the needle to the record like I’m recollecting
Re-collecting time, wrong shit I be correcting
I need the pressure present
Shit’s a puzzle that I couldn’t figure out, but now I see connecting
Heed the lesson, on my Professor X shit
A Large Professor looking at the exit
I’m out the front door
Make a toast, this is volume two
I treat it old when the dramas new
Go for the throat until the collar blue
What I gotta do

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Songwriter(s): Nicholas Craven, Evidence
Record Label(s): 2022 Nicholas Craven Productions
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