Seems like the more I say
The less I mean
Your eye contact
Doesn’t mean you’re listening
I don’t blame you for drifting
I feel like I’m undressing my memories

And every word
Wet on my tongue
Lingering with association
All that I’ve seen
And all that I’ve done
I feel like I’m undressing my memories
Ooh, ooh

Taking off
Until there is
Left to split
The screen
Bringing me back
To you
Bringing me back
To what I need to do
What I need to do with you

You’ve never heard it

You can’t define it
You’ve never felt this
You can’t compare
You’ve never been here before
And when I take you there
You’ll be speechless
You’ll be dumbstruck
When I take off
The words

Oh my God
Oh my bird brain
Oh my bird brain
Lifting the words up
Off everything
I feel light as a feather
Ooh, ooh

Taking off
Into the air
Until there’s nothing left
To care about from the past
Bringing me back
Bringing me back
To you
Bringing me back
To what I need to do

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Songwriter(s): Eartheater
Record Label(s): 2020 PAN
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