[Hi Nciku]

[Verse 1: Lil Happy Lil Sad]
I just want you, baby call me
I been lonely in my room smoking on trees
You’re not mine girl, but I want it
I been smoking 24 to forget it
But I just can’t, you’re always on my mind
Nah I just can’t, trust me I’ve tried
Girl your blue hair, and your pretty eyes
You’re shining through me
I can’t f*ckin lie
I can’t f*ckin lie
I want you by my side
I can’t f*ckin lie

I want you here right now

[Chorus x2: Lil Happy Lil Sad]
Always smoke up in my lungs
Cause I want to leave
Flying straight into space
When I’m smoking weed
I don’t think I’m from this world
I just can’t fit in
Tryna make my voice heard
Cause I always bleed

[Verse 2: Lil Sophy]
Babe i want you so bad
You’re the best I’ve ever had
I wanna spend my life with you
And I know you want it too

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Songwriter(s): lil happy lil sad

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