Well let me tell you about my friends, our friendship
will never end
These good old boys are around all the time
Cause they don’t fuss and they don’t fight
They’re good to go every night
And most o’ the time they don’t do no harm

Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, George Dickel, Jim Beam
Drinkin’ Buddies, how I love ’em
Some times they are my only friends it seems

Now Jack is the ornery one, he likes to have a little fun

He’s got a little black streak of mean
And Johnny always dresses nice, the girls see him and
they look twice
I guess it pays to dress in red


Now George is the ladies’ man, the female sex’s biggest
I guess he’s out with one every night
And poor ol’ Jim it seems a sin to hear about the trouble
he’s in
I guess he likes to drink and drive

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Songwriter(s): chuck hughes, lance bakemeyer
Record Label(s): 1996 Rockin Cat
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