I be the F to the I to the d-double, double
It’s the F to the I to the d-double, double

Verse 1
You can find me in the club with my hat to the back
Crackin a mag or probly rappin a set
Lookin at shorty with the fatty mean
That chick is bad
She kinda fire, and I’m tryna see what’s happenin wit that
She’s hot as the sun
She lean, rock to the drums
Jimmy Choo’s on her shoes, jeans House of Dureon
If we hop in the torque
Breeze out and enjoy it
She can’t acknowledge ya, yall
’cause you ain’t hot as the boy they call Fizzy
The one that pour Crissy
The boy to call, sittin at the bar all tipsy
I got a frost pinky and it probly cost 50
I don’t wait for tonight i’m in the club raw dizzy
Now pimpin I keep it basic
Cute small waist and you seen your daughter lately
I got her goin crazy
She call me her baby and I ain’t even blaze yet, amazin
And out the B2K shit, guess who her favorite

Hook {Missez}
When I’m off in the club I be sip
Sippin on some
Sip, sip, sippin on some
On some do it to ’em fluid
If he wanna touch my butt
I’m, I’ma let him
I’m, I’m, I’m I’ma let him
I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m I’ma let him do it

Verse 2
See now i’m lookin for a PYT to come and see bout me

I do it B-I-G, and I don’t need I’d
Now we dancin, shorty workin
Tryna see how I be
I’m a very important person, so I’m VIP
Now I tryed and couldn’t wait
’cause mami like to shake
Her thighs and little waist
And move her body like a snake
She fine and fly shape
Her turn ya mind blank
Ma straight, top 8
Check her out on MySpace
Her man hatin, I bet he would
’cause I’m in every hood
Hittin all the Megan Goode’s
Right, and even better
I be in Atlanta
Green Phantom, eatin dinner wit Ciara (woah)
And I’m a club vision
You know I love women
I had the broads trippin
Cardi had ’em fluid sippin
And we had fun til daylight come
Before we leave, make sure the DJ play that song


Bridge {Missez}
Oh, homie I ain’t even playin
Don’t you hear what I’m sayin
Why you all up in my face
Talk, talk, talkin slow
When I’m gone off that fluid
Ain’t really thinkin bout you
You should let it, l-let it go


{Fizz Talking}
Yeah! I’m back!
It’s been 2 years!
But your favorite is here
Gotta love him, ladies
Its official
Uh, don’t be mad at this one
Don’t screw ya face up
Just rock
Yeah! Fo Reel!

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