Ah, the way you grab me
Makes my knees shake
The way you pull on my arms
Makes my body quake
Oh, the way you yank my hair
Moves me like this
It just makes me wanna kill you
Well just gimme a kiss

When you say, “Come here, baby-hey get the hell over here!”
Well, just give me three
And I’ll appear
Say the word, I’ll behave
Oh, I promise I’ll always be your slave
You make me purr and hiss
Well just gimme a kiss

Tell me what to do, I’ll listen to you

Oh, your word is my command
It’s so nice to have a big, strong man


I’ll take off my clothes
I’ll walk around the place
Kick me in my shins
Come on, slap me in my face
And then I’ll get down on my knees
And move you like this
Hey, front and center! Come here!
Well just gimme a kiss
I need it, I want it
I need a kiss
Lay a big, wet sucker right here
Well just, just, just, just gimme a kiss, yeah
Well just gimme a kiss

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Record Label(s): 1989 Metal Blade Records
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