Gun a nigga down if he outta line
We gon’ get this money, that’s the bottom line
Dollar sign‚ dollar sign‚ dollar sign
Dollar sign‚ dollar sign, dollar sign

[Verse 1]
Ayo, I woke up like “Damn I’m hated!”
Congratulations‚ came a long way from being my grandma’s favourite
Got money, don’t plan to save it, I plan to invest it
I been and said that I’m the greatest
Streets so contaminated‚ there was twenty of us on the block
And I’m the only man that made it
Always do my family favours
My neighbours know I’m the only nigga around like Sammy Davis
Your man get amputated, cut his obituary outta the paper
Get it eliminated because I really can’t stand a hater
I really can’t understand a hater, I need a translater
I played the corner as a kid
I just left Spain, Barcelona in Madrid
Huh, the smell, marijuana where I live
But you do what you want when you the owner to the crib
Let’s go

Call for the smoke table full of dope
I’ma do the most while you stay broke
Even when I’m up, I’ma play broke
Even when I’m sleep, I’ma stay woke

Gun a nigga down if he outta line
We gon’ get this money, that’s the bottom line
Dollar sign, dollar sign, dollar sign
Dollar sign, dollar sign, dollar sign

[Verse 2]
Yo, I got flows that require work
And have a job ’cause before I got the job, I got fire first
No applications, so I’m buying work
I’m celebrating independence, hit the store, show em fire work
It’s fish scales so I’m tryn’a padge
It’s hard to deal with the pain from the game
So they’re buying birth
My gun blow ‘fore I lie in dirt
The hood lost but before you find the cure, got to find the curse
We’re outside ’cause inside it hurts, and that’s the truth
I see pictures of my youth when I write a verse
I talk to God while the choir smack
Got off my knees and left the building
‘Cause the Lord ain’t inside the church
They catch a charge when the [?]
I hate the law because without proper cause
They ain’t tryn’a search
My next car, I should buy a hearse
‘Cause if they draw, I ain’t tryin’ to take a loss, I’ll dying first

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Record Label(s): 2019 T C F Music Group
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