Better days will never be (x3)

What does this mean
It means
We get the best scene
When politics talk
The ends of power meet
Nice to be wanted
Safe and protected
The ends of power
When politics talk

Better days will never be (x3)

Better days will never be
Home sweet home
Home, home

Let’s talk politics
Every dog has its day
For me
I don’t believe
Better days ahead
Will never be
I don’t believe in anything

(nuclear day)

Better days will never be (x3)

Spare no man
Match bomb for bomb
All is fair in war
When the ground is soft
With hot blood
Spare no man

Better days will never be
(match bomb for bomb)
A scorched earth
(flatten the earth, this home sweet home)
No charity
(burn everything, from lust to dust)
No weak pity
(no charity, no weak pity)
From lust to dust
(all is fair in war)

Home sweet home (x3)

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Songwriter(s): Ainsley Morris
Publisher(s): Tenyor Music
Record Label(s): 1987 Elektra Entertainment Group
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