I tried to take your pain away
I wanted to let you know it’s ok
Although you watched my world crumble
And as I reached for you
I again was all alone
I wanted to take that feeling from you
So you’d know forgiveness is love
I know the deepest sadness
I know what it feels to be utterly alone
I didn’t need it taught to me
I didn’t need suffering
I was almost on my way out from it when I met you
Why wouldn’t you help me
I tried
Why couldn’t you love me
I tried
Everyday I’d take away your pain if only you felt
It wasn’t juste who deserves shame
I know there have been many
Let me be the last
I love you too much
For you to Hurt as I have
Every since I was a girl

I hurt inside each day more
You changed that
And although it was fake
I’ll take every moment
For is never known it
God I tried
Why can’t you try
Who hurt you so bad
You don’t know true heartache
Why I wanted to heal you inside
I don’t want your love of it’s only out of pity
Tell me quickly
So you can go wherever you consider home
I thought you were my home
I thought you my equalizer
For all the wrong done against me
Why why can’t you see
My love was never free
It was diseased
But you made it whole
You filled my empty soul
I reached for you
My hand you ignored
Wanted to heal your pain
God I know that pain
I tried

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