Meaning to “In My Daughter’s Eyes” song lyrics (12 meanings)

Sherri April 5, 2012-18:59
I was told I would never have kids, so when I got pregnant I was excited. JNS was a gift from the heavens above. God gave her Down Syndrome, OCD, and ADHD to show me that I’m the lucky one! I
booboogirl97 August 7, 2011-19:16
i love this song so much it made me cry and i love all the sweet things u all but on this site and i also danced with my at his and my moms wedding and it made me think of my papa R.I.P. papa love u !
Donna July 18, 2011-16:15
I lost my mom last week, and it has caused my attachment to my daughter to become even stronger …….this was always a favorite of mine…
sherri February 19, 2011-13:29
this is for you bunny, u have no idea how it brings me 2 tears,till all the stars. i still rem dancing 2gether when u were little.
Nelly February 5, 2011-1:19
This song brings tears of love to my eyes,when i hear it i just think of my mum and my daughter.i love it.
momo November 13, 2010-19:03
I love this song.When i have a child i hope its a girl so i can sing this song to her.It will me my song to her.I hope she loves this song.
Jo Anna November 11, 2010-21:06
this song brings back memories of my late mom & dad ,who were always there for me, &now that I have adaughter of my own it really hits home thanks Martina, .
Emily July 28, 2010-20:40
I love this song! My mom and I danced to it at her wedding..we both cried! It was perfect timing, as we started dancing the song started playing..Thank you, God, for a mother like mine!!
emilee June 27, 2010-13:18
Aww this song is so sweet. Im only 11 but this reminds me of the way my mom always tells me she feels about me. 🙂
joyce May 26, 2010-12:44
i am putting these lyrics in a scrapbook i am making for my daugters wedding,it is so meaningful to me

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