[Verse 1]
I slide through the side of town that they scared of
Little do they know I’m the one to beware of
Don’t want no square love, killers see me out, give me bear hugs
Haters see me ballin’, know they fed up
Niggas call the feds up, caught me on camera throwin’ the set up
Bitch-ass niggas need to shut up or get your ass wet up
Innerprize Clicc, they gon’ respect us
When it’s wartime we only shoot from the neck up
One million, two million, three million, spend it
But I ain’t ’bout to blow it, I’m invеstin’ and flippin’
I ain’t on no corners, I’m professionally Crippin’
A lot of niggas mad ’cause I am what thеy isn’t
But f*ck ’em, niggas ain’t gettin’ to no money
I’m a grown-ass man, I can’t listen to no dummy
’87 SS with the bubble back window
We only smoke ‘side, we don’t f*ck with the indo’
Once the percolator kick in, baby, I can feel it
Perico’s Innerprize ’bout to make a hundred million
Me and Dupri split the money on the back end
f*ck all these rappers, they ain’t never gotta tap in

Man, let’s get past all that fake shit, though
Innerprize Clicc, that’s all I know
I don’t need none of y’all rap niggas callin’ me twin
Like we bros or somethin’, nigga
[Verse 2]
’22 widebody Hellcat
Fours in the front with the twenty-sixes in the back
Strap in the stash, get away from crash
Get a ho out of pocket, I’ma take all the cash

Independent rap star talkin’ for the street
I keep shit discreet, I don’t talk about no beef
I talk abou this money, make niggas wanna get it
Make you wanna drive Vettes, make you wanna drive Benzes
Make you wanna start a business, ayy, tighten up your vision
Can’t be out here slippin’, tighten up your Crippin’
California real estate startin’ at a million
California prisons got us trapped in the system
The shit crazy and can’t no nigga say he made me
Ain’t no competition ’cause these niggas too lazy
Innerprize Clicc standin’ strong on it’s own
It started from my mind, now it’s all over the globe

Man, y’all know what it is
You know what I’m sayin’? Shit don’t stop
Tango, you know what I mean?
Still G-Slim on the way
South Central on the way
LA Summers 2 on the way
Hotshot on the way, yeah
Ayy, ayy, Innerprize Clicc
Yeah, uh, Innerprize Clicc
Yeah, yeah, Innerprize Clicc
Perico’s Innerprize for the ’22 and beyond
You know what I’m sayin’?
Ayy, and if you don’t like it, eat a dick, you know what I’m sayin’?
‘Cause, uh, if I was f*cked up, you know what I mean
Niggas would be laughin’ at me
Like, “Ahh, you broke-ass nigga
Ha, told you that shit wasn’t gon’ work, nigga”
You know what I’m sayin’?
But, you know
Perico’s Innerprize, man, shit don’t stop
I got a beautiful mind, baby, I love all y’all

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