Meaning to “Kill Barney” song lyrics (21 meanings)

Julia May 31, 2012-22:46
I love you, you love me, let’s all kill Barney, with an AK47 bullet to the head, sorry kids but Barney’s dead.
Aysia November 11, 2012-19:04
I hate you, You hate me Barney gave me HIV started with a hug but Barney wanted more I got raped by a purple dinosaur!
bARNEY farts September 23, 2012-16:53
i hate you you hate me barney killed my family so i shot his mom and i bombed his dad barney said that he was mad.
yvonne May 17, 2012-1:28
i love love me.. lets go out and kill barney! with a shot gun bang bang barney is on the floor.. no more stupid dinosaur
Jared December 20, 2012-22:33
Tic tac toe three in a row Barney got shot by G.I Joe thrown to the floor nailed to the door no more purple dinosaur
Gavin October 11, 2012-16:25
Actually its, I hate you you hate me, lets all go kill Barney with a baseball bat and a chainsaw, no more purple dinosawr
mandy July 2, 2012-10:08
the song actually goes….I love you You love me Let’s get together and kill Barney With a Baseball bat and a 4 by 4 No more purple dinasaurs
therealbarneysong August 16, 2021-2:36
versions i knew

I love you, you love me, let’s go out and kill Barney, with an AK-gun and shot him on the head, no more happy dinosaur

I love you, you love me, let’s go about and kill barney with a big fat gun and shot him on the head no more purple dinosaur.
hater. December 14, 2012-5:58
I’ll kill you. You’ll kill me. Let’s both kill Barney, let’s tie him up and shoot him in the head, no more idiot dinosaur.
barney baby July 2, 2012-18:07
omg i luv this 1 a b c d e f g i killed barney 4 u and me stick a rocket up his nose push a button there he goes a b c d e f g i killed barney 4 u and me

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