[Intro: Kelli Stavast & crowd]
Brandon, you also told me
As you can hear the chants from the-, the crowd
(f*ck Joe Biden) Let’s go, Brandon
Brandon, you told me you were gonna kind of hang back those first two statements

Americans screamin’ “Let’s go, Brandon” (Let’s go, Brandon)
Patriots screamin’ “f*ck Joe Biden” (f*ck Joe Biden)
The media, they tryna play us like fools, yeah (Play us like fools)
You know she heard “f*ck Biden” too, yeah (Haha)
Sleepy Joe ain’t got no support (Sleepy Joe)
Heard Biden better show up to court (Heard Biden)
Fake nеws tryna silence the truth, yеah (Yeah)
We the people tryna save the youth, yeah (Tryna save ’em)
I ain’t takin’ no vaccine (Nah)
I ain’t flyin’ Southwest, don’t ask me, no (Don’t ask me)
And I ain’t wearin’ no mask, they nasty (No masks)
And all you liberals better tryin’ harass me (Huh, bitch)
You know we tried to stop the steal (Stop the steal)
They or me, Republican, pop the red pill (Pop a red pill)

Now the whole world screamin’ “f*ck Joe Biden” (f*ck Joe Biden)
Proud Americans in PDs, I hear wylin’
Let’s go, Brandon, let’s go, Brandon
Let’s go, Brandon, let’s go, Brandon (Hahaha)
Let’s go, Brandon, let’s go, Brandon (Let’s go Brandon, woo)
Yeah, f*ck Joe Biden (f*ck Joe)
Let’s go, Brandon
That’s also a new favorite among Americans
Winning a big race, Brandon Brown
After his big victory in Talladega
Oh, the reporter actually thinks they were saying, cheering Brandon
When you-, when you listen closely, no, they’re not
Ha, you know they ain’t (Hahaha)
They tryna spin it on the ‘peachin’ (They tryna blame us)
But you can never play the patriots, I told you
Joe, you went viral again
No, they weren’t chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” at all
You, the American people, have every reason to be angry at Joe Biden
He is failing this country around every turn
Every American is paying the price, the world is paying the price

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Songwriter(s): Forgiato Blow

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