love you

as much as we fight & argue baby
still hard to pack my bags up
& tell you that i’m gone [ gone ]
as soon as i say i’m gone i’m alone
i just take a deep breath
remember when we met

right after my set
the DJ play my song
you was off tha patrone
groovin in tha zone
turn my mackin on
whispered in ya ear
like girl your fine
can i take ya home

you said not hardly
ain’t tha kinda party
walked off calmly
like boy get off o’ me
then there’s a part of me
that made me say pardon me

i’m not tryna be rude
i just think you’re cute
you might be the one
i’m tryna be yours too
maybe in a year or two
you’ll get tha clear view
& maybe in a few weeks, two dates, a kiss ?
[ i been stuck ever since ]

don’t matter what you put me through
don’t matter what i put you through
at tha end of the day you’re my baby
& i L O V E you
girl, we might have our ups & downs
but i’ma always be around
at tha end of the day you’re my baby
& i L O V E you

[ you got me singing ]

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