I close my eyes
All I feel is hate
I can’t escape
Just the thought and everything turns red
Hands gripped tight
Knuckles white
Wouldn’t flinch if I saw you dead

Weak minded f*cking leach
I can’t teach you how to be human
It can’t be learned
So now you burn

Now you f*cking burn

Hide behind your screen and act tough Behind closed doors
Just a scared soul
You can’t control me now

Lie after lie
Don’t cry to me

Lie after lie
Don’t cry to me

Get off the floor
You’re fake to the core

You think I care
But you’re just talking to the wall
Your words fall on deaf ears
And it means nothing at all

I put the nail in the coffin
And buried you below
Deep in the ground
All alone you will go

I close my eyes
All I feel Is hate
I close my eyes
I have escaped
From the hell you put me through

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Record Label(s): 2020 SSR
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