[Verse 1]
Life is tough but then there’s that moment of truth
Sometimes we hold on, to heart break and use it as an excuse
To act a brute, get scooped up in drama, problems and law suits
We all have moments where ya best friend double crossed you
Life can exhaust you, but remain a fighter
No matter how dark it seems the road gets brighter
The weight of the world and the pain gets lighter
The confidence and self esteem gets tighter
You’ve been burned but you rose like a phoenix
Life makes you squeamish things seem so
Glum but theres always hope for believers
All the pain headaches and fevers stay truthful prepare to leave a
Mark on this world as a great achiever a legend
Once we pass the most unpleasant situations a heaven
Approaches an amazing present

You get that feeling of Resilience Resilience
Resilience Resilience
A Feeling of Resilience

[Verse 2]
Life changes, so quick it’s amazing
The people who hated, you today could be saving
Your life tomorrow, it’s worth more than all the pain and sorrow
You’re strong so you bounce back elasticity
You feel a spark of electricity which inspires you to visibly

Levitate over your problems, when you disagree
Slam doors, scream and say this is it for me
The road ain’t easy, but best believe me
I”m not tryna sound cheesy, but when you push forward you’ll grow like seaweed
And life will taste good like strawberry kiwi
The worst enemies will plummet and you will rise higher
This world is no place for hypocrites and liars
There’s some times where we grow weary and tired
But keep pushing forward, may hope never expire

Resilience (x4)
A Feeling of Resilience (x2)
Resilience (x4)
Bounce Back
Resilience (x4)

You know sometimes in life, we go through things that are tough
And you don’t feel like you can get out
You feel like there’s no way out
You know, we have the strength to fight back
Stand up, keep ya head up, and fight back
That’s resilience, the power to get back up
After we’ve been knocked down repeatedly and still fight back COME ON!
Don’t let life issues bring you down, just know
That as long as that word resilience
Is in effect in your life, then there is nothing that you can’t do
There’s nothing that you can’t conquer. RESILIENCE!

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Songwriter(s): KDoubleU

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