When this world is getting you down,
And nothing is in its right place;
Your friends are lettin’ you down,
And you can’t seem to find the right face.

All you want is me,
All you need is me to give you

Rest cure from all your ills
Rest cure to make the world stand still,
Rest cure and the world will bring you down no more.

When livin’ becomes just a task,
And your burden’s too heavy to bear,
And life is travellin’ so fast,

That colours become just a glare.

You can lean on me
And take my eyes to see, to give you


Take my hand and I’ll show you where
The love can banish all your worries and despair

When you can’t cling onto the past,
Cause you’re not proud of anything you’ve done, no.
And each moment seems like your last,
Cause you’re robbed of all you’ve won.

All you want is me
All you need is me to give you


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