Toast up, nigga got a bottle in the air, I finally can say a nigga done made it
Toast up, nigga got more money than ever, I can tell most of these niggas hated
Hold up nigga, put my dogs on a level, we all gone ball out like the Pacers
Switching out cars, yeah, the latest
Walk a different light moving on different pavement
Ayy, fifty shots in the car, when I move, gotta move like I’m the president
Ayy, I don’t need practice, I ball like I’m AI, I know I’m the best in it
She want to f*ck ’cause I’m havin’ this gold on my neck like the treasury
Ran up this money, I can’t let a bitch come and try to get the best of me
Come try to take me lil’ nigga, you tryna come snake me lil’ nigga
I got a K with me nigga, I feel like I’m Adolf lil’ nigga
Ayy, reason I run with them killers, I point and they aiming them missiles
They on your head for a nickel, I guarantee bet they won’t miss you

Remember all them times I was done bad, couldn’t call nobody young nigga f*cked up
How a young nigga had lucked up
Cash or deposit now a young nigga stuck up
Balling real hard like the Ruckers
Running from the law can’t let a nigga cuff us
Supercharged motor got me f*cked up gripping on this wheel why I’m sticking to this muscle, nigga let’s go
Losing my nigga like losing me
Love that we had, none come between
We had a vision and we had a dream, to carry this money and share with the team
Balling a habit buying expensive things, jump on a flight, going overseas
Rock out a show and watch the crowd sing, lil’ nigga, let’s go
I give it back I give it all up
I’m asking God can I call up
Thinking about times it was all us
Thumbing through money got my fingers sweatin’
I became a man when I lost my daddy
I use to stash the money in the attic
Now I go stash the money in a Patek, nigga (Ice)

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Songwriter(s): Lil Migo
Record Label(s): Heavy Camp 2021 4th & Broadway (Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc
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