When we met in the mountains
We played in the fountains like we’d never get old
So when we did, it was too soon
And I couldn’t forgive you for the lies that you told
I’m still making to-do lists, leaving them unchecked under my bed
I just can’t believe you’d be happy to see me after all that I’ve said

And I don’t miss the days I thought that you were mine
It’s funny how that fades with time
And pints of whiskey every night
Romantically in the twilight
If something ever turns out right
I’ll switch to wine

Or maybe limit my intake
To manage the heartache that good times will bring
‘Cause now my memory’s slipping
I don’t know what I’m missing; I just miss everything

Baby, your teeth are crooked, but each one is perfect standing alone
And maybe that’s why I had to abandon the old crew and go out on my own

And I don’t miss the days I thought that I was dead
It’s hard to live inside your head
On only nicotine and bread
With all the books you still haven’t read
I’m putting on my running shoes
To leave my bed

I’m planning a major comeback
That no one will notice at all
My ghost has already gone back
To that dark and deadly fall
To walk down our old house’s halls
And paint over the dirty walls
We left when we went away

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Record Label(s): 2018 Spirit Night
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