You know her better than anyone she’s ever met
You understand her, her mother doesn’t like you
Small town gossip, it’s toxic but you love her
Is it worth it?
Is she worth this?

It breaks my heart every time it ends the same way
Why don’t you end it differently
Got up the courage just to run away
It’s okay
She doesn’t deserve you anyway

You sit alone in your car
You are so sure she’s the one

No one hears its not your fault
You take it hard you leave town
You go to the city
You ignore the elephant in the room when she comes and visits you

She visits you

You sit with her in your car
You are so sure she’s the one you’ve waited for

You used to sit outside listening to reggae exchanging poetry
But you quit while you’re ahead took it for granted and you left town again
Your pride got the better of you say sorry you wouldn’t dare
You said you loved her a little too late it was already winter

But you stand alone outside her door
If you were so sure why’d you break the promise you made to her

You sit alone in your car
‘Cause you were so sure that you were the one for her

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Record Label(s): 2021 Golden Shoes Publishing
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