I don’t want to leave the lights of the town
So I drive to the edge and I turn it around
The sheriff’s car eyes me like I’m some sort of fiend
But the only thing I’m guilty of is burning gasoline
I drive to the south gate and I drive to the east
The new owners only kept the young employees
My wife doesn’t mind that I drive late at night
’cause I don’t come home drunk and I never want to fight

I went down to Metro and pawned both my guns
So I wouldn’t be tempted by either of them
I’ve got the tire tread to measure the loss
But I wonder how I’d feel if just once I punched my boss
Just punched his face in once

But that little punk would have put me in stir
And we’d never get back to the fine thing we were
In Silvertown, right here in Silvertown

I pass by the lights of casinos and bars
I can always find work if I want to deal cards
If I worked for myself then I’d write my own check
There’d be nobody there to breathe down my back
Like in Silvertown

The old owners lied as to what was in store
Silvertown runs on a promise like this and no more
The tourists gamble while the real people work to save
And I’m just trying to drive off this urge to misbehave

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Record Label(s): 1998 Red House Records
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