To tell a story about my life
Seems too complex to compromise
These words into a mixed up song.
But I don’t know just what to say.
It’s not important anyway.
And I don’t see nothing wrong,
So can we all just hum along and say
I can’t stop thinking of you.
I won’t stop thinking of you.
And as I’m thinking of you,
Do you think of me?
Come again,
Pick up all the pieces
And fix the loose ends.
Tell me this, don’t leave me hanging.
Why? it always seems these thoughts, they slip away.
To picture me just letting go
Seems the best way I could show
Just how I want to live today.

But I can’t tell what’s right from real.
I’m not even sure how I feel.
But now I’ve found a way,
And what I think I’m trying to say is.
Maybe I’ve found, I’ll bring it down.
Coming around again, around the bend.
Grasping a hold of me, I’ll make believe
You were there as always.
Tonight I feel, I know it’s real.
From what you said today, but anyway.
I’ll just close my eyes, shut off my mind,
And take it slowly.
The memory starts fading
As I see you walk out the door.
Everything is changing,
I don’t know what for.
(Post Chorus)

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Songwriter(s): Billy Libby, Mike Caminiti
Record Label(s): 2003 Even All Out
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