Talkin’ to, talkin’ to God
Talkin’ to anybody
Talkin’ to, talkin’ to God
Talkin’ to clouds

[Verse: Deante Hitchcock]
Fast forward, I was jealous of Ace
I was jealous of Mikey, I was jealous of B
I was jealous of anybody I thought who was better
And at the time I thought everybody was better than me
When it come that time, and you look inside
And see a whole lot mo’ than what you ready to see
I hope you deal with it better than I could’ve ever imagined
Or at least pick up a pen and write it out to a beat
Maybe somebody need to hear what you talkin’ ’bout
Or what you goin’ through
So you can talk it out with someone just as close to you
As shawty was to me when I was goin’ through what I was goin’ through
These ain’t just white-folk problems
Hood niggas ain’t heartless
I mean I know seem like that
How you think Lyfe Jennings learned how to sing like that?
Girl, that’s pain
I know you feel it, dawg, cause that’s that shit that’s sittin’ in the back of yo brain
I remember when Pinky died I was thinkin’ ’bout suicide
But I was busy tryna take over the world
Nigga workin’ like three jobs while shawty was in the hospital dyin’
I ain’t even go and see ol’ girl
Think that shit don’t haunt me?
Well, this ain’t ‘sposed to be no sad song
But if I still got yo attention after that long
That mean you must be goin’ through somethin’ too
And I feel you, can’t even front
Man, I pray that somebody gon have yo backbone (and)
Atlanta, Georgia
[?] memorial
God blessed me with the sauce and a gap-toothed smile
Never been a fan of followin’ protocol
And tell that box that you thinkin’ in, that ain’t my style
My momma told they’ll be parts like this
Them southside niggas love it when I talk like this
Them eastside bitches love it when I talk like this
So every now and then I talk my shit
Gotta feel me, a true american idol

My life story somethin’ you prolly read in the bible
I’m Moses with the staff while niggas stuck in denial
I make waves
Trust me, I’m so sure of myself ya’ll got me feeling entitled
Who want it with young Poseidon?
I’ll wait, not even Jay Hova
The wait’s over, you ’bout to witness a takeover
God of one’s self, I move mountains and break boulders
Black as fried chicken and grape soda
But that’s too easy
Nowadays I’d rather say something heartfelt
Like how lil shawty from outta town make my heart melt
Or in the back of mind how I thought we had somethin’
But ultimately decided that she was bad for me
Cause I was strugglin’ to picture what would my girl think
And I was strugglin’ to picture what would the world think
Plus I was strugglin’ to tell if the shit was real or not
Or if lil baby just had me thinkin’ just how a squirrel think
But all in all to be human is to be flawed, right?
But I thought the goal was for niggas to have it all, right?
But what if happiness is all I ever wanted?
All the cash in the bank can’t help me with my withdrawals
I feel ya
You gotta get it how you live, dawg
I ain’t no teller, I just tell it how it is
I mean we all dreamin’, flow merrily along
In the boat of life, stuck on a stream
I been ventin’ to queens lately about my problems
And they can’t solve ’em, but still I talk
Cause sometimes all we need is somebody to listen to what everybody else brushed off
What I call nonsense may be yo last reason for livin’
And if so, baby I’ll hop off
f*ck me if I hated on you
I’m still learnin’, tryna do better
‘Til then I’m just blessed to lost
Still talkin’ to God [x3]

Talkin’ to, talkin’ to God
Talkin’ to, talkin’ to clouds
Talkin’ to, talkin’ to God
Talkin’ to myself
Talkin’ to, talkin’ to God
Talkin’ to anybody
Talkin’ to, talkin’ to God
Talkin’ to clouds

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Songwriter(s): Deante Hitchcock

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