If You have something to confess, give yourself some peace

[Son of Ran:]
Sometimes I wonder why I wasting mad years
Tracing your initials on the backs of my palms
Playing all the tracks and songs
That reminded me of how we used to be
Beautifully, you and me, truthfully, who can see
Beyond the never ending lies
My lady in disguise
Trying to play me for the prize
And maybe deep inside
I can say that she and I were meant to happen
Mapped in the stars, spoken by the heavens, and I’m trapped with the scars
To tell the bitter stories of our past
Choreographed to keep you as my only other half
And I laugh when I see how fake you had to be
Actually you held the gravity inside my galaxy
And now she’s asking me if we can still, be in connection
Nah, but let me leave a suggestion
From all the consequences you should have learned your lesson
I ain’t the type of brother made for you to start testing

[Hook: x2]
Oh why must you ponder on the things from the past
First to last we were never ever really meant to last
Even thoughts from the start, whispers in from the dark
Telling me that you still scream, ‘Till death do us part’

[Memphis Reigns:]
I need to find a way to escape the height eventually
No more jealousy, why you always lie and even try to test me
Forget we use to laugh, and use to play, and use to talk
Take everything that you’ve ever given me and start to walk
Find direction through all of your past mistakes
Concentrate, never forget because I regret thinking of who head to in check
With no respect, you filled my maze with cloudy days instead of sunny rays
Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day
Oh because it meant that we said it free, let it be
And never wish that in the presence of you ever even telling me
The sneaky things you and your group plotted and tried to play
Even the famous sound of your voice sounds annoying
Isn’t it mad apparent not having any single signs of sadness
Cause I don’t give a f*ck I met both of your parents
Do you suppose that I ever proposed, your life’s exposed
If I ever gave you anything else, it got to be a dozen of dead roses
Go away, don’t let the past ever linger

Hand in marriage… I’m giving you the middle finger
… the middle finger

[Hook: x2]
Oh why must you ponder on the things from the past
First to last we were never ever really meant to last
Even thoughts from the start, whispers in from the dark
Telling me that you still scream, ‘Till death do us part’

[Son of Ran:]
I know your friends have never liked me
You rather be with them instead
But when you snook around behind my back I’m using pencil led
Taking up the hours of poetry that’ll touch you
Whoever said that I placed the gem around you knuckle
I must do what I got to do
I guess I better go let the rain wet you
For all I care let it snow on your parade
I’m tired of the masquerade, I’m praying for a faster day
I’m caught up in the acid rain
Pass the pain to someone else ’cause I don’t really need to have it
And you can take back all your memories and sadness
The madness, the many fabrics you tried to lace me with
Give me back my son, and let me have his innocence
I’ve never been the kind to be crying when you lied to me
I read her diary but finally I found truth
Six days and seven nights without you
Without you I’m looking for a better life without you

[Memphis Reigns:]
Now I’m kissing six months, didn’t you think that was enough
So just to show what my position is, removed from my curriculum
Convincing myself, I owe you nothing in this world
Except, thanks for showing me the things I didn’t want in girls
For sho’ it use to be a nuisance when you in my room
I chose to sleep upon the floor so I wouldn’t sleep next to you
Oh yes it’s true I can’t believe, just take your heart back
And you can really keep the pieces; I don’t really want them anymore
Turn the light off, close the door, the time has come to part
Separate the colors of this mixed up deck of cards
If I catch you slipping, even wishing or thinking of coming here
I’d study to be a magician and make you disappear
Got it dear, dry your tears, no need to fear, the coast is clear
Your on your own, I’ll give you anything, just leave me alone
… Leave me alone

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