[Intro: Virgil Abloh]
I’ve been on this focus in terms of my art and creativity
Of getting adults to behave like children again
That they go back into this sense of wonderment
They start to stop using their mind
And they start using their imagination

[Verse: Lupe Fiasco]
V for vector, f for foul
If you rearrange foul what they give you?
Yeah, wow
Wish I could give you that now
All on the side of your soul in the signature hand style
Virgil forever, we visit the man child
Yeah, a tailor sits down to make his own suit from the tie to his boots
The thread is breath and fabric is the youth
Make his own ties they only made us a noose
On black, yeah
The cuff is all of us and the buttons are the truth
Even his caps are the facts
My nigga, can you believe that?
And these gloves were designed to make salutes
Warzone cologne these times and make us troops, won’t they?
To keep the uniform gotta keep the uniform on
And mechanically hands take separate seams and make them family pants as baggy as can

Look at us, even majesty fans
They used to put us down as fast as gravity can but
When you eat soul food in the tux I mean what the f*ck?
Blazer fits so right that it feel like it’s trust
Mirror looking back at you like it got a crush
Put the rose in the hole and adjust
Kiss the city on the hand, make it blush
Several go put the runway where is rough
Invisible colorway they see the beauty up in us, huh?
You weren’t sewing sleeves, you were sowing seeds
And if you know of trees
Seeds must go below to grow
How you gonna leave?
[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah, yeah
Virg’ [?], hometown hero
Life was like a movie could have got an oscar for the b-roll
Snuck inside the game like a chopper in a picot
Then pulled a debo now they got you shopping for the cheat code got ’em all locked in at the peak hole
Trying to get a peep of what’s next for the—
For the people

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