And it feels like I can’t go
Move on to another chick no
Hoes don’t front when you settle in close
Messing with a heart that ain’t ever been broke
Let it burn hot without letting in smoke
Pieces hope, she gets blowed
Leaking those secrets, but, put the past away
I’ll never let it drown, what we have today
And I rock, when I rock & roll
Make it slap, when I’ve got to go
To the spot, when it’s hot and cold
And I’m tryna move on, but I’ve got to know
If I’m living a lie, killing the vibe
Never gone back, but I’m willing to try
Stick to the party, drinks when it all seems bad
When I make a big deal out of small things

She’s the bell of the ball, cream of the crop
No wonder you never forgot her
And all the drinks are flowing
Not a good time to phone the bell of the ball, cream of the crop
Mirrors all over the wall

And now all the lights are flashing
And all of the people dancing, I can’t let go
It’s never been easy for me
I can’t let go, it’s never been easy for me
Baby that’s just a warning

Whoa, now I’m faded
Took shots never learned when to say when
Drink more so I won’t have to feel shit
But it all comes back in the a.m.
Yeah drunk girl look good
She in Brooklyn now, getting more hood
Out in L.A. now with the porn star
In her blue on black Cadillac car
Word, vintage…
Drunk text to an ex
And past chicks hard to get past
When the drinks are endless
Hard to get back when the high is spaceship
You a cold girl right
But how could I blame you
Out in the city of lights
I figured in time
The city would change you

It’s just a warning
It’s just a warning
It’s just a warning
It’s just a warning

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Songwriter(s): Jon Shockness, Lawrence C. Grivich, Julian Lowell Thomas, Patricia Lynn Drew, Taylor Matthew Tait, Michael Ray, Nicholas Spreigl
Record Label(s): 2013 Hopeless Records, Inc
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