Always dreamt of foreign trucks
I found me a way to get my hunnids up
She asked me, do I trust her borderline
Stick a nigga up, when I got that porcupine
We both in Jeep’s, but your shit don’t cost more than mine
He GTA bang that boy from forum drive
I can’t be beard chest, it feelin’ like Arm & Hammer
My shorty beat the drum, I call ‘em David Banner
Granny made the style and mommy made the manners
Shorty pull up fresh, call her Dolce Gabanna
Was a hander-hander, I’m an acre handler
I got twenty different ways to makе a bender
I was 9 tryna draw Dragon Ball
Now I’m hoppin’ out of that damn air bendеr

I spent three bricks on wings, spoilers, and fenders
Get up out my business, bitch, call me mister
Get up out my business, bitch, call me mister
Run up, back and broke, p*ssy, we’ll fix you
Baby ass busy tryna learn me
Told ‘em tryna learn to be a good listener
God, I’m tryna learn to be a good Christian
Ask either of your friends she wasn’t with it
God just done and took away my good vision
But I can still spot a f*ckin’ f*ck nigga
Baby girl got fired
1-800-Chief-So, who gettin’ hired?
Cost that belt icy ’cause you fire
These niggas my sons, so call me Iver

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Songwriter(s): 808iden, Manzo, Bighead, Chief Keef
Record Label(s): 2021 Glo Gang RBC Records
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