Bloodshot eyes awakend from an easy slumber
Limbs all white and stiff slowly coming to life
Sheets are drenched in sweat from nightly terrors
Joylessly a new dawn is welcomed
The day is wasted on rituals whithout meaning
As night descends the dreams return-
-… To fill my bed again

Blood shot eyes awaken from a restless slumber
Skin is white and cold, heart barely beats
Escaping slowly from drowsy realms of horror
Reluctant to awake yet terrified to sleep

Weep for me
Weep for what I have done
Cry like the cryers of ancient times

Weep for me
Weep for what I have done
There’s no hope in hell it can ever-
– be undone

Going trought the motions

Keeping the madness at day
Blocking all emotions
For fear thel’ll wash my soul away

Behind me the past comes clawing trough
The veils of guilt and suppression I drapped-
– Around you

My memory is obscured by clouds of time
I ask myself a painfull question, woud I still-
– recognize… my son

Running from what’s comming
At least in my dreams I can run
Hiding from the blackness
That engulfs my room, my bed, my lungs

Behind my the past comes clawing trough
The years of grief and depression I sufferd-
– for you
My memory, little pieces still remain
I make myself a painfull promise-
– To visit your grave – My son…

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Songwriter(s): Edward Warbie, Rogga Johansson
Publisher(s): Edition Iron Avantgarde Publishing, Iron Avantgarde Publishing Gmbh
Record Label(s): 2009 Napalm Records Handels GmbH
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