Why is it when I’m sad
I always think about you?
Why is it when I’m lonely
I just can’t do without you?
Why is it when I smile, I forget
That you were always there for me?
There’s no price you would not pay
for me with your love

Now every night I lie,
Awake because I miss you
And I just can’t deny,
the way I love you so
And if I had the chance to re-live,
The days I took for granted oh
I’d never let you go, oh no

I’d never let you go

Remember how we laughed inside
Now why is it so empty?
Remember how we made the deal
That we would never part

What if I called you up?
What if I said I’m sorry?
Is there a second chance?
And would it last forever and ever?
Cause I know I would die without
The air I breathe is you oh its you
Here’s the reason why I swear, it’s true

(CHORUS) x 2

Oh why oh way x 8

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Songwriter(s): Annie Lennox
Record Label(s): 2009 Sting Music
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