Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders
Ryde or Die – Volume 2

(Tugboats.. ehh, it’s over..)

It’s the second time around motherf*cker! (YESS!)
Volume 2 – Ryde or Die, BIATCH!
Gangsta nigga and we gon’ rock this motherf*cker, you
dig me?
(Fo’ sho’ baby!) We the square root of the motherf*ckin
(Fo’ sho’ baby!) Double R, you cocksuckin sons of

[Swizz Beatz] (Snoop Dogg)
State yo’ name gangsta (Big Snoop Dogg.. bow wow!)
Where you representin? (West coast)
You gon’ hold it down? (Please believe it nigga)
Enough said then nigga (hold up.. BIATCH)

[Snoop Dogg]
Mmm, let’s make this official
Shine yo’ boots and load yo’ pistols
Pull out yo best credentials cause thislll
be the official for the fictitial
Doggy Dogg and Big Swizzll, nigga blow the whistle
Smokin on some bomb-beeda secondhand smoke
will getcha, hitcha, and make you all get the picture
Dig this – when was the last time you seen me
posted up West coasted up and sippin on some Remi?

Believe me – it ain’t easy been Deezy (nah it ain’t)
wit these jealous rap niggaz and these punk ass
Man – I couldn’t remember what they told me
when I first came in the game but thangs done changed
Call it what you wanna, keep the heat up on it
East, Long Beach, California – spinnin like a ‘Tona
Bangin on the corner, hot like a sauna
so you best to back up off me or I kick this ? on ya

[Swizz Beatz] (Yung Wun)
State yo’ name yungsta (YUNG WUN!)
Where you representin? (ATL SHAWTY!!)
You gon’ hold it down? (DAMN RIGHT!!!)
Well nuff said then (Ease up, nigga!)
(Man throw dem treys up!)

[Yung Wun]
Shorty pop a lot, actin like you got a lot
wit all that fake ice on his watch, this nigga wanna
get got
Coming to my city wit all that hot shit and his fake
ass click
I’ma put somethin in him and bust his wig, I’m on some
thugged out shit
You better be strapped boy, how you love that boy, act
I’ma break yo back boy, wit a bat boy, where you at boy
Hold up I’m cold hearted

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Songwriter(s): Cordozar Broadus, Brad Jordan, Jason Phillips, J. Jackson, Kasseem Dean, James Anderson

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